Palette X

uniting Gourmet Cuisine, performance, and Modern Art to create a most extraordinary dining X-perience

the x.jpg

Palette X mis·sion

Palette X is the cross·ing. a sen·su·ous union of exciting fo͞od & vir·tu·o·so ärt

a one of a kind a·vant-garde dining experience

20 ad·ven·tur·ous guests, are submerged in an elaborate world of creativity

an X- team of amazing art·ists & ar·ti·sans

design a singular experience for the dinners chef nickie prepares

we continuously generate new realms of wonder

 that will leave all of your senses tingling

every time you take your seat at the X-table


Founder Artist Alexia Rose

i wanted to create a completely delicious and inventive dining experience where EVERYTHING is ärt the food, the plates, the glasses, the utensils, the X- table. this is how Palette X was born. i was no longer content to simply paint and to do my ärt. I had an intense desire to team up with an ärt full chef, and a band of talented art·ists, to create not just ärt, but a one-of-a-kind energizing, life-changing fo͞od & ärt wonder!


Executive chef Nickie Bethel

for me, this was all meant to be DES·TI·NY the predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency, and felt that des·ti·ny would determine their future.

i have always seen food differently.

even when it comes to designing a menu, i find myself designing around colors or shapes. just like a piece of ärt. what a wonderful world it has been to align me with all of these talented individuals to bring my visions of any dish, to a higher level of performance and display, completely immersed in ärt.  this journey has TRULY been a beautiful one. it continues on. i cannot wait to share all that it is, partnered with the minds of true creators, in an ed·i·ble form.  


10.22.2018 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Solare Ristorante & Lounge

2820 Roosevelt road, liberty station, san Diego 92106

reserve your seat at the X- Table today!


the elemental designers & Artists


COLLEEN VELTZ, designer & artist of EARTH

my art surfaces are one of a kind textured relief paintings created with objects from nature. the abstracted colors are inspired by the mood and landscape the plants are from. i have found joy in creating artwork with groups, to assist with their efforts to find healing and solutions through their fundraising



artist of METAL

i've been working in a shipyard since i was twelve years old. i’ve gained scars, skills, and a love

for working with my hands. i see things in inches and alloys. i've learned to express myself through tac welds and slams of a hammer.

in 30 years of living and 17 years working with metal, it’s much easier to understand- in fact, it’s really all i know


LOVEJOY, featured artist of FIRE

finding most of my creative flow within the wildlife genre, i developed a way to sculpt with paint, layer by layer.

creating a beautiful play of lights and shadows, full of unexpected colors side by side.

it’s a dance, a push and pull until the form becomes whole. i find so much peace when I’m creating

- Lovejoy


CALIFORNIA HARDWOODS, featured artists of WOOD

at california hardwoods we create contemporary furniture that is environmentally conscious. we use salvaged wood from a third generation family owned mill


MARGARET L. GONZALES, featured artist of WATER

i have been creating art for so long i truly can't remember when it all began. i do remember sitting in kindergarten drawing an ice cream cone stand over and over. i drew it so many times that I can replicate it to this day. i also remember my first and only 'lesson' on realism. while waiting at the dreaded dentist’s office, my grandmother showed me how to navigate the anatomy of a face. from that point on i realized that art and design were two things that come naturally to me. i have a passion for art and an eye for design, both of which are evident throughout my work