jonathan lee bain

Alexia Rose Gallery is honored to Present the 3D works of Metal Sculptor Jonathan Lee Bain in his first Solo Exhibition. Jonathan is a Son of San Diego and he is proud of his Roots as a blue collar worker. Jonathan has worked in his family's Ship Yard since the age of 12 perfecting his craft. One Summer of Serendipity changed Jonathan's life forever. He picked up a torch lent to him by the "Mr. Miyagi of the Ship Yards" and his path to welding objects of Art slowly began. "I’ve gained scars, skills, and a love for working with my hands. I see things in inches and alloys. I've learned to express myself through tac welds and , slams of a hammer. In 30 years of living and 17 years working with metal, it’s much easier to understand- in fact, it’s really all I know- "
BLUE COLLAR 3D Exhibition begins November 17 and runs thru December 28th, 2018

Alexia Rose Gallery

2770 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 201

San Diego, California